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Malcolm W. Campbell is a sole trader ABN 48 639 428 626 © 2017  

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Fee for Service

Malcolm "Greenfingers" Campbell
has been a  member of the Australian Institute of Horticulture for 42 years and has worked continually in some aspect of horticulture ever since.

Commercial consultations:
The scale of fees are $188 per hour including GST for any part of an hour for commercial site assessment or horticultural supervision and documentation;  preparation of planting schedules or native vegetation checklists for EIS preparation; and commercial consultations to assess the veracity of landscape plans or prepare planting palettes.

photo left: Malcolm and Matt Smith on a consultation.

Public Speaking
Malcolm is available for public speaking engagement and the fee is negotiable with his agent;
ICMI Speakers, local representative Scott Boocock; contact

If you are unable to engage me at these fees and live within South Australia or Broken Hill then phone me on ABC radio 891 gardening talkback between at 10.30am and 11.30am Sunday mornings. Phone 8343 4891 for local callers in Adelaide or free call 1300 222 891 for both town and country.
e-mail contact :

Malcolm W. Campbell is a sole trader ABN 48 639 428 626

873 Box 344 Goodwood SA 5034

Malcolm & Annie and butterfly in Singapore

Malcolm Campbell YP Field days

Malcolm & Matt Smith on a consultancy at Prospect

Our Wayville cottage garden Oct 2001

Cottage garden mixed flower bed

Wayville garden Oct 2009

E-garden advice
Malcolm provides an e-garden advisory service for a fee of  $16.00 including GST. A tax invoice is issued for payment if an address is supplied. You describe your soil type and pH reaction, plant aspect and sunlight available, as well as any regional information such as proximity to the sea or any other aspect that is pertinent. I can advise you on plant selection or best pollinators for fruit set or how to remedy a sick plant. Of course a JPEG image is a great help. You may be seeking that hard-to-find seed or plant and given my extensive national contacts, I’m sure I can assist. Sometimes I get asked to make a decision on radio that is too complex and needs the security of this e-mail advice, or you may be radio shy. I ask that you use my shopping cart (click here)  with your credit card details or pay by cheque , EFTor money order in advance.

Home garden consultations
Malcolm does home garden site inspections. These are popular with folk who have just bought a house and garden and not sure what they have or how to look after the garden. This can be a walk through with you taking notes or a written report. Another popular request is from who are keen gardeners but have struck a few problems and an hour can really sort those out. I also supply vouchers for this service that are popular as gifts to wedding couples and for anniversary presents. In a new garden a one hour consultation can save you a fortune before you start investing in plants that often prove troublesome! The onsite fee per hour is $170 incl. GST with no travel time or extras. A written report is an extra $100.00 and a tax invoice is issued for payment by EFT, cheque or credit card.
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