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Tomatoes:So you want to grow Tomatoes? or maybe Capsicums, Chillies and Eggplants? by Malcolm W. Campbell

7 Chilli Pepper cultivars

All Chillies are hot to the taste buds and it depends on how tolerant you are of that taste as to whether you find a particular cultivar 'hotter' than an other. Don't be deceived by size though, because the tiny Asian varieties, also popular in Portugal will surprise the uninitiated! As dried and stored fruit they keep their fiery flavour for many years. Wash your hands after handling or picking their fruits or you will get a burning sensation in places you had not expected!

Firefly is an F1 hybrid that produces an umbrella shaped bush to 0.5 metres in height with upright smooth red chilli fruits of about 1-1.5cm wide and 8-9cm long. The bushes have good leaf cover to protect their fruit. It also makes an ideal pot plant, in a container of at least 25cm (10") in diameter. Seed from South Pacific Seeds for commercial growers, but also available as seedlings from local nurseries.

Inferno a rather prostrate bush to 0.3 metres in height with upright red fruits, that are equally hot as green or red fruits. Seed in the Yates and South Pacific Seeds ranges as well as being widely available in punnets.

Jalapeño (pronounced xalapenyo) produces rather stout green fruits of 5-8cm long that hang downwards and crack with growth marks as they age to their mature red colour. This is the fiery popular Mexican cultivar. Seed from Sandoz Seeds.

Mavras is a long thin Indian style chilli, with the fruit hanging downwards, seed from South Pacific Seeds.

Milta is an F1 of the Mexican Jalapeño style with red fruits 2.5cm wide by 7-8cm long. A robust bush with good leaf cover to protect fruits.

Thai Hot is a tiny upright chilli similar on my taste buds to the Portuguese Chilli they call Piri Piri, seed from Erica Vale.