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Australia Florists
Online florists Australia. Florist in Australia delivers fresh flowers at a very low shipping cost. assures 100% satisfaction guarantee and provides 24x7 live assistance for Australia Florist Delivery.

Australian Garden History Society
Researching, enjoying and preserving Australia's gardening heritage horticulture landscape design and architecture.

Australian native seedsmen or mail to Seedworld, Box 1408 Nowra, NSW 2541 Australia. is designed to be your one-stop destination for anything you can think of that is about or related to Australia Real Estate including gardening .

Barossa Daylilies
hobby daylily growers, situated in the Barossa region of South Australia.

Berry Fruit Guide
Link supplied by some young global researchers

Birds Australia
In October this year Birds Australia is launching an Endangered Species campaign in order to bring the state of our native birds to the attention of all Australians and to a worldwide audience in order to precipitate action. A vital and exciting component of the campaign will be a live broadcast  attached to the Birds Australia website at Site visitors will find themselves following the progress of a family of  Peregrine Falcons and Tawny Frogmouth Owls, and watching new lives emerge,  from hatchlings to fledglings.

Bromeliads according to Derek Butcher a local fanatic claims this Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies is the best at

Californian Rose Tour with Pat Toolan
California - the Golden State. April is ideal for travelling, the weather will be mild, comfortable, with cool evenings and little rain. The spring blooms will be just beginning, gardens will be fresh and green. You'll miss the crowds and see California's gardens at their best. Join Churchill Fellow, HRIAI Coordinator and Old Rose Conservator Pat Toolan on this extraordinary tour. California was founded by the Spanish, who set up trading posts along the coast. We will see their influence, especially in the architecture, garden plants used, and cuisine.
website: under Escorted Tours, then upcoming Escorted Group Tours Calendar, then Pick Month – April, or phone 1800 632 372

Caper plants; how to grow them in arid areas and how to source the best plants from local expert Brian Noone who was the recipient of  a Churchill Scholarship to study them in North Africa and at various places around the Mediterranean. His site is at

Carnivorous Plants, this is the site of the Australian Carnivorous Plants Society, that has their digital headquarters in Adelaide at

Chillies for Growers and aficionados will know this one as The Chilli Press in Sydney, well Manly actually at The 7th Fiery Food Festival is to be held in Manly CBD (that's across the Sydney Harbour on a ferry if you are an out-of-towner) this year Monday 2nd August  to Sunday 8th August 2004 is local Hotels, restaurants, cafes and delis. Daily details on their website and accommodation on  

Climate and Weather Data, The Bureau of Meteorology [BoM] is a must see at

Cordylines: a site where tropical foliage reigns supreme and Cordylines in particular are featured, with 190 cultivars and 24 species to be precise and it details how to grow them and most are illustrated as well. Very inspirational for the indoor plant enthusiast.

Daylilies & Louisiana irises mail order in Western Australia. They despatch plants by Express Post to all the following states:  Tasmania, SA, Vic, NSW, ACT, Qld and WA  Certified Rust Free with Plant Health Certificates. Details on

Daylilies by The Lake, Australia
Daylily garden is situated near the shores of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales Australia. The area is popular with tourists who enjoy the clean sandy beaches, the lake with its fishing and water sports, the rainforests, and a short distance inland, the Hunter Valley Wineries and scenic dairy country.

Downes Wholesale Nursery & Plants Sydney
Downes Wholesale Nursery Sydney is one of the largest plant suppliers to the landscape and development industry. With over 500 species, we offer a variety Australian native and exotic trees, shrubs, ground covers and perennials from semi advanced through to super advanced and semi-mature stock.

Florist SA   
Guaranteed Same Day Flower Delivery! Online Flowers & Flower Delivery. Adelaide's most experienced florist, for flower delivery, on-line flowers, or shop flowers. Send flowers 7 days a week.

Friends of the Botanic Gardens, for their on-line book catalogue and information of guided walks and things to do and see at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, as well as Mount Lofty and Wittunga Botanic Gardens at Blackwood SA at
Green Harvest is a mail order house in Maleny, Queensland now in it's 11th year and has the best organic seed and book catalogue in the business; especially for warm temperate and tropical areas. Supplies some of the most unusual (hard to get) seed, plants and tubers as well as agents for integrated pest management. A forty eight page colour catalogue on request

Glyphosate problems in the rootzone: Current research at Hohenheim University in Stuttgart, Germany by Gunter Neumann and his research team, summary paper titled "Relevance of glyphosate transfer to non-target plants via the rhizosphere". This explains a common problem we see in Adelaide gardens of roses with almost white leaves, likely caused by glyphosate in the rootzone causing soil sterility and absence of nutrient uptake. The jury is still out on a remedy, but increasing soil micro-organisms might be a start. Try worm by products, activated carbon and compost, then water soluble nutrients. click to download Adobe PDF file

Heirloom Tomatoes, Over 60 varieties of great organically grown Heirloom Tomato seeds.  Heirloom tomatoes just can't be beat for their outstanding flavour and the beauty they add to recipes and dishes with their many shapes, sizes, and colours.

Heritage Roses open day; The Heritage Garden at Sevenhill, 90 minuted north of Adelaide is to be opened for the last time after 28 years on Sat 1st and Sun 2nd Nov 2008, from 9am to 5 pm both days. Walter and Kay Duncan are your hosts with proceeds to Royal Flying Doctor Service and Friends of the Adelaide & Children's Hospital. Admission is $11.00 and follow red signs from Sevenhill Hotel or Clare Caravan Park. Devonshire teas, wine cheese and biscuits, but bring your hamper.

Indoor Plant Maintenance, a first rate guide to thousands of popular indoor plants and how to maintain them. Of particular importance is the entry that details what household and personal odours they absorb. See Another site that also details the odours aspect is where the author of the original NASA research into this topic is published.

Integrated Pest Management, that's when you resort to releasing predatory insects to prey on insect pests in your garden. This organisation sells the predators, from their insectarium at Loxton in SA's Riverland region.

Email  - URL

Landscape Design by using dimensional computer software
3D Home Architect provides full suite of software to design your home of your dreams. 3D Home Architect has what will make your home interior design, kitchen remodeling, room design, interior decorating and so on.

Native Plants: Nationally, maintained by the Australian Plant Society, that was until recently known as the Society for Growing Australian Plants or SGAP, now found at

New England Arbors manufacturers America's favorite line of garden arbors available in many sizes and styles

Orchids for Beginners. Get started on a fabulous journey with orchids.

Pergola Land
can design and build a pergola or curved roofing pergola for you that extends the living area of your home, but still captures the outdoor atmosphere - that's the beauty of quality pergolas.

Pest and termite control services, environmentally safe in Sydney.  

Primary Industries & Resources SA, is the state department that handles, agriculture, horticulture at home and on the broadacre, forestry, revegetation, pest control, farm chemicals and livestock enquiries and extension. For specific publications, CD-ROMS and testing services relating to earthworms, weeds, fertilizers and nutrition, soil, trees, viticulture, spiders and insects, home garden fruit, fruit drying, fruit pests & diseases, berries, olives, nuts, vegetables, herbs, turf, hydroponics, floriculture as well as diagnostic services for soil and plant analysis, plant diseases and insect identification try their information web site at  Their office is at Level 2 Mobilong House, Seventh Street, Murray Bridge 5253 and they have an extensive free catalogue of publications and services available on request.

Plants for a Future, is a 7000 strong data base of edible and useful plants at

Quality Daylilies in Australia
We supply and post quality rust free daylilies at competitive prices to Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania

See why daylilies are the perfect perennial, Daylilies, native of the orient are perfect for ornamental gardens, container gardening, perennial landscaping and much more.

Seed supplier locally sourced seed, that is GM free and reasonably priced.

Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf is a superior quality soft buffalo turf.
Find Licensed Sir Walter Turf Suppliers here.

Soil testing; here's a reliable soil analysis service for commercial farmers, home gardeners and professional landscape contractors alike. The fee is $132 includes GST and entails a sample kit sent to you to collect the samples as described and then a comprehensive analysis is returned after testing. Useful to identify the nutrients needed for certain crops that saves money when topping up. Philip Barnett at ProAg Consulting is the Australian Perry Agricultural Laboratory email or mobile cell phone for locals 0417 925 824.

Sweetpea Seed from the famous Gawler sweetpea breeders in Gawler SA. Barry and Brad McDougall are the father and son team that continue to keep the breeding line alive and pure. Catalogue mailed on demand: there are mixed packets and named cultivars, best planted March to end of April or even as late as mid May in warm areas, such as Eyre Peninsula SA.

The Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden
Commanding superb views of the spectacular and ancient Flinders Ranges, the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden showcases a range of arid zone environments within an area of more than 200 hectares.

The Australian Daylily Robin homepage
This is the webpage of a group of 60 Australians (and overseas friends) who correspond via Yahoogroups email list. I'll warn you that the site is occasionally offline if it exceeds the allocated daily data transfer limit.

Timber products in SA (DIY ready to erect pergola kits)
We stock a great variety of products helpful to the gardener at great prices. Treated Pine in all lengths and sizes, Pickets, Palings, Timber Screens, Treated Pine Logs, Sleepers, Decking Kits and Pre Cut Pergola Kits, as well as Polycarbonate roofing, all hardware, shadecloth, Paint and stains.

Tropical Orchids wholesaler for keen importers: G.G.D Trading ( Thailand ) Co. Ltd. located in Bangkok Thailand . They grow and export Dendrobium, Alanda Makara, Vanda, Oncidium etc. as plants and cut flowers.

Water features, ponds, tanks, fish and aquatic plants plus all you want to explore, albeit in Queensland, but useful for ideas if you live elsewhere,

Water fountains, Aqua Fountains of Bentley Vic. supply decorative hand made water features, outdoor and indoor water fountains. A strikingly styled selection of home office and garden-themed water features, where you click on the image to reveal price and order at

Woody weed control; the sturdy Tree Popper works a treat at removing woody weeds, without having to resort to chemicals. There are three sizes and the link has all the details.

Wormcastings, Wormliquid, vermi-compost tea and worm related bio-stimulants to encourage rapid root development in newly planted trees and shrubs. Ideal to incorporate a handful into the planting hole of any plant you are about to plant. Made locally at Millicent in SA and available from Mitre 10 Australia wide, Bunnings Warehouses in SA and CRT in rural areas Australia wide. Accredited by Zero Waste in SA


David Austin Roses, as well as Meilland, Guillot and Delbard roses from The Flower Garden on Shakes Road at Nairne in the Adelaide Hills SA 5252, The Flower Garden is open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 - 5 every month of the year except February. We are happy to open by appointment Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and through February.
Roses for the enthusiast at

Knight's Roses near Gawler SA, breeders and wholesale propagators since 1963 of fine sun hardy roses, including their award winning Australian bred 'Climbing Kardinal': a stunning deep red climber or pole rose with great disease resistance.

National Rose Trial Garden winners for 2008
The National Rose Trial Garden of Australia was initially established to simply trial roses not yet commercially released in Australia - be they bred in Australia or overseas.

Ross Roses at Willunga SA, celebrating their 100 years in the Rose business in 2002, with a most memorable rose catalogue. Check their site for details at

Eco Resources

Solar Inverters

Inverters are an essential part of any solar system.
Without an inverter you have no way to convert the suns energy into AC household current.